Fun things to do in the Florida Everglades Fun things to do in the Florida Everglades

Each year I seem to have an increasing number of friends who come to South Florida to visit and the one thing they all have in common is asking me where are the Everglades and what can we do there? Since I love both the outdoors and spending time with friends, this type of adventure is not any big deal, however understanding each person’s abilities... [Read more of this review]

Local Hikes for Family Fun! Local Hikes for Family Fun!

Local hikes are a great family activity especially when hiking with children; one that can provide a chance for some family bonding with some healthy results. It’s something that can be modified to fit all abilities and age levels by finding flatter terrain for younger family members and more challenging trails for older, more athletic groups.... [Read more of this review]

Teaching Your Child About GPS Teaching Your Child About GPS

Do you remember being a kid and learning how to use a compass for the first time? If you weren’t in the Scouts, your mom or dad probably took you into the backyard or a nearby wood and taught you all about how to find your way out of anywhere with a simple hand-held device. Today, that device has evolved into an electronic gadget that many would be... [Read more of this review]

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Busted! Tips on Deer Hunting and Wind Busted! Tips on Deer Hunting and Wind

Busted! That’s the thought that goes through my mind on those occasions that I see a beautiful buck walking down a game trail towards my tree stand with his head down feeding on whatever may be along his way. Then all of a sudden, his head comes up, there’s a slight twitch, and in 3 great strides he is into the dense brush or over a fence, leaving... [Read more of this review]

A Beginners Guide to Fluke Fishing A Beginners Guide to Fluke Fishing

As a kid growing up in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn NY, some of my fondest memories are of my dad taking me on the party boats to go fishing for Fluke, also called Summer Flounder. The seasoned anglers were all the boats targeting Bluefish and the scene could get quite animated, but on those boats going Fluke fishing, all was calm and peaceful... [Read more of this review]

Keys to buying a Kayak Fishing Machine Keys to buying a Kayak Fishing Machine

Sometimes the fishing experience is not so much about what you catch but more about the method you choose to target a species. Some people prefer fly fishing while others stick with more conventional methods. The same goes for the type of vessel you use to put you on the fish. Having fished offshore most of my life I have now decided to try something... [Read more of this review]

Tips for Scouting the Wild Turkey Tips for Scouting the Wild Turkey

I was checking my mail this week and was happy to see that many of the non-resident Wild Turkey Hunting permits I applied for in other states had started to arrive. It got me thinking that Turkey Season is just around the corner and that I had better start getting my gear ready and making some calls to see what public and private land was available... [Read more of this review]

Yellowfin Tuna; Florida Style! Yellowfin Tuna; Florida Style!

Certain times of the year Yellowfin Tuna come considerably close to both sides of the Gulf Stream of Florida and the Bahamas. They are also found in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico accessible by sufficiently equipped smaller boats as well as the bigger multi engine fishing machines. Yellowfin Tuna are the bullies of the ocean and hooking one... [Read more of this review]

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